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Without over indulging in moralistic language, we need to say that we praise human and professional integrity, we believe in knowledge, we take things cum grano salis and apply worldly wisdom to our deeds. Above all, we believe that entrepreneurship and engaging creativity are powerful forces to move people, communities and the society at large.

Managing Partner

Aneta Bogdan

With hundreds of innovative brand projects under her lead in 20 years of Eastern rock’n’roll, Aneta advocates branding and design as business and reputation tools, creating and revitalizing entrepreneurial, corporate and institutional brands in emerging environments.

Her forte is finding patterns where others see chaos, which comes in handy when clients pop up with unsolvable problems. She is never average: cynical and idealistic, authoritarian and inspirational, a fresh, break-the-rules storyteller with a speculative and passionate discourse.

Aneta Bogdan attributes her achievements to a strong intuition, a relentless drive to move things forward and to having been raised in an emerging environment. This may sound deceivingly simple from someone with a rock solid academic and professional credentials and an extensive marketing experience. She graduated Economics at ASE Bucharest and holds an MBA from Open University Business School (UK). As recognition of her contribution to the marketing profession, she is a Chartered Marketer and a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK).

Aneta founded Brandient in 2002, following an accomplished career of over 10 years in marketing, most notably as Marketing and Communication Director for Connex (subsequently acquired by Vodafone), where she contributed to building one of the most admired and valuable brands in Eastern Europe.

Aneta is writing in professional and business magazines and, in 2010, published the best selling book Branding on the Eastern Front (in Romanian); she is a highly-regarded conference and seminar speaker and juror of national and international design, branding, advertising and PR competitions.



Aneta Bogdan [Foto1] Aneta Bogdan, MBA, FCIM, Chartered Marketer, Managing Partner Brandient, public speaker and author.

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COVER "Branding on the Eastern Front" Written by Aneta Bogdan, the book presents the relevant case-studies in marketing and branding and offers an inside look into the Romanian corporate and entrepreneurial milieus.

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Aneta Bogdan [Foto 2] Aneta Bogdan, MBA, FCIM, Chartered Marketer, Managing Partner Brandient, public speaker and author.

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