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Brandient is an award-winning international practice blending strategic consultancy and innovative design in order to assist businesses' growth, expansion, and organisational transformation.

We build on over two decades on duty for Eastern European and South Eastern Asian reputable business clients, developing original branding solutions to deal with intricate circumstances, daring opportunities and challenges.
We rely on an open minded culture embedded in a multidisciplinary, experienced taskforce team, bilingual in both old and new economy, with a declared preference for transformative industries and challenging projects.
We keep standing up for the belief that true brands give rise to enduring relationships and engaging communities, producing real value for both businesses and consumers.

While we are not numbers-driven, we define success by measure of reputation, and our reputation absolutely built precious numbers: 200+ high profile transformative rebranding projects, 200+ brand names, most of them already in the consumers' top of mind, 250+ remarkable charismatic packaging designs and 150+ notable corporate design programs, 3 Red Dot Awards, 60+ top international design prizes, 2 books, and counting.

We know that in times of endemic uncertainty and economic anxiety, do nothing is not an option for business leaders and players, and that branding does help businesses to be more trustful, relevant, resilient and prosperous. The more volatile the future, the more innovative partners you'll need.

On being an independent branding practice


Brandient originated in Eastern Europe and worked projects in SE Asia through a second office in Singapore. While our offering grew to be recognized at par with major players’ worldwide, we are independent and have never been part of a global group.

Our signature is the deeply rooted entrepreneurial approach: bold, unrelenting, familiar with the ever-changing new normal, and offering true, provocative, smart solutions to the most challenging contexts.

Working easily across markets and our long-term exposure to puzzling situations in Eastern EU emerging markets made us empathetic, forged our professional experience and intellectual rigor, and rendered us unafraid of change.

Signs of Value™ was our promise from the very beginning. On that promise, we worked hard to create for our brave and diligent clients brands capable of boosting business growth, dealing with change and solving business problems and opportunities, adding financial value to the business, attracting the best talents from the labor market, and do good for communities, people, and nations.

If brands are not for value, they are for nothing—that’s been our true belief all along.

Twenty years after starting up, Brandient comprises a portfolio of professional stars, impressive viable projects, and a stronger-than-ever commitment to creating relevant ethical brands for our clients.

Solid Competencies


We bring to the table a multidisciplinary mix of competencies — from marketing and business management to design thinking and graphic design, from strategic creative writing to unconventional communication. That gives us a solid understanding of the value creation mechanism, and an appetite for complex and non-standard branding projects, a specialization in large brand creation and reconstruction projects.

Our main competence lies in the blend of knowledge and talent of a star-studded team capable of applying timely critical judgement, of generating provocative ideas and, of course, of imagining and create through design and words.
We’re a mobile task force — a group of experts that you can rely on: we analyse and understand the task at hand, we offer solutions, we solve the problems and then we all move on!
We are bilingual in the old and new economy alike — that is, we are ready to take on the complex needs and the multitude of value propositions expected by today’s consumer, whilst also having a strong hold on traditional corporate values; we have the insight necessary to anticipate new product and service categories, yet we don’t overlook the importance of building solid and timeless identities.

While drawing on Western accumulated knowledge and experience, we are truly Easterners — in other words, we are comfortable with chaos, uncertainty, emergence, and change. Therefore, we are at ease with serving emerging and transformative companies, markets and industries. 
Brands must be able to create order, bring together communities and, spark cultural and social movements. We also believe that some brands deserved to be adored, just as others, incapable of delivering relevance, should end up in oblivion.

Our philosophy is driven by logic: a great brand must be sustainable internally and relevant for its consumers, while generating added business value and aiming towards a greater good for communities and humanity. Each brand deals with a certain context generated by the category’s life stage, by the cultural support, affected by trends and markets triggers.There are no recipes to come up with solutions for a situation or another. But there is always a method.
Be it a new brand or a rebranding, we start the journey by a brand audit, which is a scrutiny of the existing situation, and could range from a broad analysis of brand’s context to more focused reviews of visual identity, brand portfolio, brand communications, consumption and consumers’ behavior, and staff commitment. Brandient’s proprietary tools to perform this task are based on solid experience from hundreds of branding, marketing and research projects, and we are particularly reluctant to ‘copy-paste’ or ‘replicate’ models and templates with no regard to the specific brand’s and industry’s context reality.
Insights from the audit stage get us to work through the possible avenues for the brand strategy. The minds and hearts of consumers are important, but the strategy is much more than positioning, and it comprises the corporate purpose, the brand idea and finally the brand platform that would ensure clarity, authenticity, inspiration, and consistency over time. We are specialized in critical creative thinking, and capable to offer solutions of brand alignment — which is a strategic management tool to align business decisions regarding product & services portfolio, culture, image, off- and online manifestations, etc. under the brand promise.
Global brands may often require brand localization consultancy to align their universal values and promises with the affinities of the local consumer.
Brand experience programs are always needed to (re)build the quality of relationship with the consumers’ base.
Also, situations, even strong brands may need brand reputation programs in order torestore the trust of the public, following a crisis or an erosion of the brand reputation.
The brand’s name is the first and foremost contact of the brand with consumers and the public at large. It could either induce favorability and memorability or throw the brand in the darkness of oblivion — there is little in the middle. A winning name must be unique, memorable, seductive, and legally available, but above all it must match the brand’s strategy.
Especially when trying to open a new marketing category, as a reflex to discovering new needs or expectations not served by the existing offers on the shelf, it is paramount to articulate the new territory. We are here to help our clients with category naming, to help them approach with better chances this difficult and risky marketing enterprise.
The brand narratives are the essential verbalization of the brand promises, its purpose and must-have claims – the what, the how and the why – while acting as an inspirational source for rhetoric and communication and directing both internal and external speeches of the brand in front of all stakeholders. This is considered part of the brand strategic foundation –and its most dramatic expression is the brand story.
The brand rhetoric sets the vocabulary of the brand, from taglines/slogans to the full copy platform. A strong brand enjoys its own language and a particular tone of voice, which make it recognizable even without seeing its logo.
The corporate identity provides an overarching logo and its supportive visual platform, while also setting the mechanics of the brand. Typography, symbols, color palettes and layouts must concur to build an intelligent and functional visual territory. The clarity and consistency of a brand is resting mainly on its visual identity.
We employ talent, experience, and intuition to generate ideas to solve underlying business problems, and so we provide outstanding graphic design for branding, packaging, and communication.
For many products, mostly for those reaching to the individual consumer, the package is the main brand vehicle. We bring together design thinking and practical functionality to create category-leading packaging, aiming to catch both the eye and the heart of the hurried shopper.
The advent of the internet and social media made it compulsory for a business to have a coherent digital persona, and even more so for businesses that express themselves predominantly through digital media. We enhance the brand identity by outstanding digital branding manifestations. In the specific case of digital products, we know how to design their visual language to provide functional and relational user experience in any interaction with the consumers.
Branded environment and retail design are not confined to retail brands. Actually, manystrong brands have a ‘front office’ retail component, and the layout of the working or shopping environments makes the brand experience round or square. We team up with experienced architects and interior designers to make sure it gets well rounded, and that identity does not get lost in the process.
Brand guideline is a formidable instrument (rarely employed at its fullest). A good, comprehensive brand book it’s not only about the consistent application of the identity, but also about the very soul of the brand.
Communication design. Communication is still the major image builder behind many brands. A creative platform is developed to keep the brand essence alive while accelerating the brand journey, and this must inspire advertising and other specialized communication agencies to create outstanding pieces of corporate or marketing communications.

The digital platform must sustain the uncompromised brand consistency with the offline applications, while delivering functional and appealing on-line experiences. Our team is highly conversant with technology brands and well acknowledged with the digital world manifestations.
Internal brand communication ensures the dissemination and presence of brand’s essence among employees and other internal stakeholders, aiming to bring them together and under the same flag. It comprises from offices design and decoration to newsletters, interactive tools, and organizational events.

Brand engagement is the most involving form of internal brand communication. It uses the brand as a management tool, empowering people to live and deliver the brand. The internal gain is a higher return on the organization’s human & intellectual capital, and the strengthening of staff motivation. The external effect is often decisive, especially for services brands, because the employees deliver the brand’s promise and give personality to the brand — in other words they ARE the brand.

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