Cristian Kit Paul

Founding Partner & Creative Director


As a founding partner and the Creative Director at Brandient, where he oversees the creative team, Kit is one of the most experienced brand designers in Central and Eastern Europe.

He has worked on hundreds of brand projects — from tech brands and large retail chains to banks, state-owned companies, and conglomerates — over the course of three decades across markets on four continents.

Kit’s innovative approach to network infrastructure branding with Vodafone Supernet became a global telco branding golden standard and is currently implemented across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Other high-complexity international projects worth mentioning are Geneco energy retailer in Singapore, Malaysia-based giant YTL Group, Nanoramic Labs advanced research, and Neocarbonix nanocarbon-based energy storage in the USA — to enumerate only a few — while his work for CEC Bank’s brand turnaround, development of Dedeman brand, and the successive iterations defining eMAG e-commerce brand evolution are already design classics in the East-European space.

Charismatic in board rooms and rather introverted outside of professional life, he is minutely concerned about the role of design and the designer in evolving communities, the designer's social responsibility, and technology evolution.

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