Mihai bogdan

Founding Partner & CFO


As a founding partner of Brandient and member of the managing team, Mihai is in charge with business development and with the entire financial and administrative standing of the firm.

He had achieved expertise in finance and business administration by having previously spent over ten years in top finance positions with multinationals like Tetra Pak, Reckitt Benckiser and JTI, in different industries in Southeastern Europe and Sweden.

Mihai has a degree in Economics and holds an MBA from Henley Business School (formerly Henley Management College) in the UK, with a thesis on Value and Valuation in Business. He is a chartered intangibles valuator and used to be a chartered accountant for two decades.

With a broad understanding of the business processes and a particular interest in intellectual property and valuation of intangibles, Mihai brings to the table not only finance acumen, but also strong insights about how to recognize and build brand value. In that respect, he worked out the proprietary tool Brand Stamina™ for our brand audit process.

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