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Press Release · Bucharest / Singapore, March 6, 2017

A Graphis Platinum Award for Brandient

Higher international recognition for Brandient design

Brandient wins Graphis Platinum Award for Tinmar’s brand identity.

Brandient has received another outstanding international recognition for its work, with a Platinum Graphis Award for the logo of Tinmar, the leading Romanian energy company.

The design challenge of the new Tinmar identity was to express the stature of the business — and thus reinforce its leadership on the B2B market — but at the same time to provide a strong sense of reliability for the new segment of domestic consumers. With a wordmark conveying both energy and engineered precision, the new identity is built around a polymorphic symbol — the crystal 3D “T” monogram — that changes its angle for each entity (parent company, energy, oil and gas).

Client Item ·  November 11, 2016


Corporate identity revitalization

Transavia’s new corporate identity

The Romanian leader in the poultry industry and an important player on the European market, Transavia is a family business that — under the leadership of founder dr. Ioan Popa — expanded strategically, year after year, developing a healthy, solid and responsible entrepreneurial business model and a complex brand portfolio.

Transavia’s reputation, based not only on the sustained business growth, but also on its impeccable behavior, is reflected through the assumed responsibility of delivering the best food safety standard to millions of consumers. Precisely this promise was transposed, in a modern design manner, into the new visual identity.

Press Release · Bucharest, November 10, 2016

The star brand Fragedo in new “plumage”

Brandient redesigned the packaging of Fragedo,

the most powerful Romanian poultry brand

Fragedo’s new packaging design

In the context of modernizing the packaging technology for its products, Transavia commissioned Brandient for the packaging redesign of Fragedo, the leading brand of poultry products on the Romanian market.

Created by Brandient 11 years ago, Fragedo proudly claims “Well made in Romania”, addressing the modern lifestyle of urban consumers, promising and delivering food products of exceptional quality, impeccable safety standards, and a range of great variety.

Press Release · Bucharest, November 10, 2016

Brandient has revitalized

Transavia’s identity

One of the most important Romanian entrepreneurships,

redefined at an anniversary moment

Transavia’s new corporate identity

Transavia, the Romanian leader in the poultry industry and an important player on the European market, celebrates 25 years of prominence and prosperity, proving that large family businesses are, in Romania, similarly to the rest of the world, vital for their national economies. Under the leadership of founder dr. Ioan Popa, the company expanded strategically, year after year, developing a healthy, solid and responsible entrepreneurial business model. At the company’s anniversary, Transavia’s management decided to revitalize the company’s corporate identity, and Brandient — their strategy consultant and brand portfolio designer for the past 10 years — managed and delivered the project.

Client File · September 26, 2016

Indie Brands

A breath of fresh air for designers

Indie Brands

Over the past 15 years, the typical client commissioning Brandient’s services of consultancy and design was the emerging and expanding company, be it entrepreneurial or established, local or multinational.

However, during the recent social and economic transformations at the level of people’s lives, businesses, and societies at large, we could not miss the ascent of smaller, local entrepreneurial businesses that dare to compete in many markets against the established brands, striving to offer authentic, niche products and services. We call these brave businesses ‘indie brands’. At first sight, the trend might seem disruptive, but we strongly believe that indie brands actually complement the offerings of big, established brands. We admire the creativity, passion, courage and the fresh vision of doing business of these (usually) young local entrepreneurs, as well as their power to reshape the local economies.

Over the past few years, Brandient has provided some of these extraordinary initiatives with branding & design services to support them in their challenging journey. It has been a thrilling and rewarding experience to work with the entrepreneurs behind them, and a refreshing opportunity for Brandient’s designers to enjoy the larger creative freedom allowed by such brands.



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