Anti-virus and Internet security industry is characterized by a frantic, sophisticated evolution in the fight with malware. In 2011, the Romanian-originated Bitdefender was ranked as the best antivirus product by major testing organizations worldwide. The outstanding performance, global reputation and growth prospects prompted the need for a modern brand.

Client file

Brand strategy

The main challenge was to choose between a multinational, somehow rootless image of the company, as opposed to an indication of its national origins. Although the leadership and the talent are still mostly Romanian, the weak nation brand was a deterrent for the latter option.

The brand strategic solution was the toughest answer to the challenge: to build a powerful, international brand but with a strong hint to its national origins. In order to circumvent the weak country brand, a mix of ancient values with present relevance were deftly brought to the game. And here enters the Dragon-Wolf.

Corporate brand

The legendary Dragon-Wolf guarded the Dacian (old Romanian) people in their wars and has come to stand for resilient defense.

The modern interpretation of the ancient symbol completes the brand promise with sleekness, making the brand relevant to digital society, while the new brand slogan “Awake” highlightes the idea of continuing protection. The symbol is subtly asserting the Romanian roots, but in a mythical approach, available to a global audience.

The archetypal symbol was given two shapes: a 3D avatar, for establishing a bond with the consumers’ minds, and a highly abstractive symbol for representing the new chapter in the history of the Bitdefender organization.

The logo symbol needed to be abstract enough and open to interpretation, so the line was reduced and then reduced some more—removing all explicative pieces—to its very essence of compressed spring energy and darting movement.


Product Identity

The Brand Avatar is the consumer-facing side of the identity, epitomizing the sleek qualities of the product, and it’s designed to keep evolving in time. It features boldly on the new package, which preserved the equity of the colour palette from the old packaging.

The whole packaging identity was created with the aim to substitute and take over a part of the advertising effort, so the new package acts like a print ad.

Brand Engagement

The whole story of the new strategy and identity was encapsulated in an epic video movie that was played at the first brand engagement sessions with the management and employees and raised their enthusiasm and embracing the brand. After the launching, the movie also had a life of its own, mainly on social media, becoming a viral and helping to build a quick awareness of the new identity.

Wallpapers were designed for Bitdefender offices, notably the tongue-in-cheek “Trophy Wall” with the most (in)famous bugs Bitdefender squashed during the years.