Patria Credit

The financial services industry is facing gloomy times but also opportunities in emerging markets. CAPA Finance was a microcredit institution founded in 1996 that became one of the largest non-banking institution specialized in micro-financing. Facing fierce competition from banks, in 2008 the company received EBRD as a joint shareholder and commissioned Brandient in order to reinforce its market position.

Client file

Brand Strategy

The main challenge was to transform a successful business model, but a rather low profile company, into a national player, by focusing on its strength: micro-crediting the small entrepreneurship, especially in villages and small urban areas.

The new brand strategy was built on specific values, belonging both to the category of financial services (responsibility, efficiency and seriousness), and to the highly empathic approach inherited from Capa Finance: respect for people, commitment and responsibility for the community where they work. This would ensure a differentiated position on the market, reflecting at the same time the hearted nature of the organization.

The tagline "We finance the diligent work"("Finantam harnicia") is offering a complete perspective over the brand positioning, mainly financial services thoroughly adjusted to the specific needs of small companies, individual producers and all those who dare to follow their dreams through hard work and seriousness.

Corporate Brand

The new name Patria (Romanian for “homeland”) proved to be the perfect way to achieve a higher profile, while keeping within a familiar meaning for the target.

The vivid graphic symbol, inspired by Romanian popular motifs and Brancusi’s Endless Column, stands for hope, life, optimism and familiarity, while bringing into the current life a metaphor immanent in the Romanian’s collective imagery.

The new identity worked first internally as an enthusiasm enhancer, engaging the organization in building and living the brand promise.

Patria Credit re-launched successfully in 2009 under the new identity and kept on opening new branches nationwide despite the economic crisis.