Bitdefender Enterprise

The need for a new approach within the booming B2B division came up as Bitdefender Enterprise's innovative security solutions and services acceded to a technological leadership position in many critical virtualization security areas—targeting from SMEs up to very large enterprises and cloud service providers.

Client file

Brand Strategy

The challenge arose from two directions: the relations and mechanisms of brand equity transfer between the masterbrand and the division brand on one hand, and the conceptualization of the underlying taxonomy and logic necessary for the construction of scalable diagrams on the other.

Brandient—commanding strong expertise in brand innovation for high-technology and telecom players—conceptualized, created and designed the Bitdefender Enterprise visual platform, incorporating the graphic system and its relations within the complex Bitdefender brand architecture, as well as the standard applications from web to sales literature.

Bitdefender Enterprise brand architecture.

Visual Identity

At the visual identity level, Brandient envisioned The Glass City metaphor in order to represent not only Bitdefender’s capability to screen massive amounts of corporate data for potential threats, but also the general trend towards cloud-based solutions and virtualization that takes place in the enterprise market.

Bitdefender Enterprise logo, key image and headline “The Highest Standards of Security”

In order to represent the relations employed in the intimate mechanisms of complex data systems, Brandient came up with a logic for building intricate diagrams based on a custom, comprehensive taxonomy of physical and virtual components, functions and states able to accommodate even functionalities that are not invented yet.

Bitdefender Enterprise Cloud icon—Visual Guideline page.Bitdefender Enterprise brand architecture—B2B products and services.
Bitdefender Enterprise compound icon generation metaphor
Bitdefender Enterprise explanatory diagram—frontal view.Bitdefender Enterprise explanatory diagram—perspective view.Bitdefender Enterprise typography detail—embossed text label.

Brandient designed Bitdefender Enterprise global website, in order to transmit not only its business proposition towards its intended C-level audience, but also the brand personality—of a trusted global technology leader—as a direct, unmediated experience. The development continues with the British, French, German and Romanian branches of the website.

Bitdefender Enterprise global website.
Bitdefender Enterprise global website grid—close-up.
Bitdefender Enterprise product CD and CD sleeve.

In most projects, the development of the physical manifestations of the brand takes precedence in the implementation process. In this case however, given the nature of the product and services, the sales literature and product data sheets—designed to transmit key information in a crisp, concise outline—were created only after all web-related look and feel principles were firmly defined and implemented.

Bitdefender Enterprise sales literature—data sheet.
Bitdefender Enterprise sales literature—product manual.