RTC—the Romanian leader in office supplies distribution and services–was acquired in 2011 by the international investment fund Oresa Ventures. In the transition from an entrepreneurial entity to a performant sales driven corporation, RTC appointed Brandient to conduct its rebranding process, with a strong focus on the internal engagement of the employees around a new vision translated into a new corporate promise and a refreshed identity.

Client file

Challenge and Strategy

As most of the entrepreneurial local brands, going through emerging times of accelerated development and fast success, RTC was pointing to the absolute business performance, while deferring interest to the quality of relationship, both inside and outside organization, and consequently missing out on sustainable growth opportunities delivered by the brand itself. The main agenda of this rebranding exercise was to refresh the leadership spirit of the organization, while assuring a sustainable organizational behavior capable to consistently sustain a differentiated, relevant and credible services brand promise.

The first step taken by the consultant was a brand audit in order to help client to clarify its DNA, new purpose and set of corporate values that would drive positive changes in organizational behavior and gather all professional forces—salesmen, consultants, operations people—under the same flag. Generating the brand idea was the second step taken in order to assure the brand platform foundation. The new brand promise of easiness and smoothness in servicing the clients’ needs will not only reinforce an external objective towards the clients, but it will impose an internal shift in behavior towards procedures simplification and raising the relationships quality.

The new RTC logo and brand slogan

Visual Identity

The new brand slogan “Have a good day at the office”—both relevant for the target and sustainable businesswise—was well enhanced by the design approach, in which the new friendly, services-driven business spirit of the brand was put under a simple, minimalist identity, completed by a versatile use of light colors.

The new visual identity was applied on main vectors–corporate representation, website, sales catalogue, signage, livery and external communication

The new visual identity of RTC office supplier
The redesign of RTC sales and presentation catalogue
Page grid and color coding, inside the cataloguePage grid and color coding, inside the cataloguePage grid and color coding, inside the catalogue
Sections from RTC brand guidelines
Livery with new RTC visual identity
www.rtc.ro website redesign

Brand Engagement

All aspects of the brand experience—delivered through organizational culture and behavior-were strengthened through internal communication solutions and several brand engagement sessions with top and middle management. The objective of the brand engagement sessions was firstly to inform key employees on the rebranding and secondly to instill new values and align the employees under the same vision, ideally transforming them into brand believers.