Growing income levels and the changing social context in urban areas prompted a demand for out-of-home social and cultural activities. On a raising market for going-out guides, Brandient was commissioned by a group of young entrepreneurs in Bucharest to create the new brand for their web-based start-up — a city guide twisted with witty opinions in a blog-like manner.

Client file

Corporate Identity

The name “Metropotam”, coined from the English/Romanian words “metropolis / metropola” and “hippopotamus / hipopotam,” was created to define in a humorous and addictive way the urban creature whose aim is to escape the daily chores and to enjoy the life as a pastime trendsetter.

In order to reinforce both the brand strategy and name memorability, Brandient designed “the metropotam” - a witty, cartoon-like character, who guides users through the site and offers them information and opinions regarding city events and locations, entertaining and pleasing the readers. The fiery red hallmark is meant to highlight the assertive passion for city life.