Clients & brands

We create and build signs of value for our clients—that is brands generating sales performance, market recognition and corporate reputation. Here are some projects and case studies where our knowledge, expertise and creativity have made a difference. Whatever professional accolades we may gather on the way, the ultimate measure of our success is the value achieved by our customers' brands.

 Food and Beverages
An Eastern European beverage distribution group decided to launch a new energy drink brand, building on their extensive knowledge of the market. In order to challenge the stiff competition, the brand must literally burst with energy, and it must impress a very young, mostly male target, always looking for a feeling of “unreasonable freedom” — all these using only the restrictive real...
 Technology and Telecom
The world’s leading antivirus solution embraces a bold new brand identity: the legendary symbol of the Dacian Dragon-Wolf.
 Technology and Telecom
Bitdefender B2B division completes visual identity reconstruction including a comprehensive visual taxonomy of objects and relations employed in data systems, deploys new website.
 Industrial and Manufacturing
QFort, the brand we created for the largest PVC windows factory from South-Eastern Europe, Casa Noastra, rose to become a household name and a textbook business success story.
 Financial Services
Brandient has completed the rebranding process of the prestigious Casa de Economii si Consemnatiuni, Romania’s oldest bank.
After 10 years on the market, Dedeman had become a trustworthy partner for those eager to build, renovate or decorate—and in 2007 they decided to expand nationally and commissioned Brandient for the rebranding. In 2011, Dedeman is the leader of the DIY retail network in Romania, leaving behind strong international chains.
 Food and Beverages
Domeniul Coroanei wines are highly ranking and multi-awarded at prestigious international wine competitions, and probably the most commendable representative of the new Romanian wines. In 2010, the Domain became purveyor to the Royal House of Romania—reinstating its ancient tradition.
Domo, the leading retailer on the Romanian home appliances and electronics market, entrusted Brandient with the rebranding process and with subsequent upgrades of its identity and brand communication platform.
Online Shopping Joy — eMAG needed to express its leadership through the levers of branding in order to conquer also share of heart, without losing the accumulated brand equity.
 Consumer Goods
An entrepreneurial paint & lacquer company had grown for the past 10 years from a modest start-up to becoming a top player on the Romanian market. Attracting new financial investors and closing a technological partnership with DuPont strengthened the need for a modern approach to the brand.
The take-over of Europharm by the global corporation GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) prompted the local pharmaceutical company to look for an identity up to its reputation and new corporate family.
 Technology and Telecom
Indygen is an innovative way to build and secure the relationship with young consumers, amid major technological disruption facing the telecom industry. The brand has been created to serve the specific interests, motives, aspirations, challenges and lifestyle of the Romanian youth, and the product behind the brand is more than a new telecom offer, it is a digital platform capable to sustain an...
 Technology and Telecom
Interactive Group is a leading Pakistani IT&C integrator, with a growing pan-Asian presence, which has expanded over the past 30 years from IT services to a wide array of cross-industry solutions in Broadcasting, Education, Health, Transport and the Public Sector. The entrepreneurial, family-owned business, guided by a visionary and widely-respected leader, needed a stronger brand to handle its...
 Financial Services
The new management team of MKB Nextebank decided to focus their business strategy on liberal professionals and entrepreneurs with a redesigned product portfolio and simplified procedures.
 Technology and Telecom
The Orange Communication School, initiated and sponsored by Orange Romania, appealed to young graduates and business aspirants with very good curricular results and with a special interest in communication.
 Sports and Entertainment
In preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and with the impetus of a new and visionary management, the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR) commissioned us to rebrand the venerable institution.
 Sports and Entertainment
The new management of the Federation—mostly former rugby players—made a convincing case for bringing the national team back in the game and to its former glory.
 Food and Beverages
The Romanian entrepreneur Ioan Popa founded Transavia in 1991, with the vision of becoming the leader of the poultry category in Romania and one of the most important players on the European food market.
 Technology and Telecom
Brandient was commissioned to localize the global Vodafone brand and to design accordingly the creative platform in order to sustain the brand’s local promise.